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We together.

Sister Presidents is a community for all women who wants to live to their full potential. Who wants more in life and want to make this world a better place. Together we create positive energy, talk a little deeper and laugh a little louder.

We are Sister Presidents!

How to Join?

You join Sister Presidents by joining the Facebook group "Sister Presidents" where you answer a number of questions and leave your email address. If you're not on Facebook, send an email to Then you participate as much as you want. You will receive e-mails, invitations, etc. It is completely free to join and feel free to invite more women. 

Contact Caroline's team if you want to host Sister Presidents events where you live!

The whole point?

"We can create a better world by unlocking the full potential of women. When women are empowered, more people can lead happy and fulfilling lives. Personal growth and social development go hand in hand, and by developing ourselves, we can positively impact society as a whole. To achieve this, we need to support each other, and that's where Sister Presidents come in. Together, we can take responsibility for shaping a brighter future while having fun along the way. Let's unleash our collective power and create a better world for all"- Caroline 


"Many of us are holding back, but that's over now. You feel better by using your potential and who doesn't want to live happily? And help others at the same time? Having a pack is great, you're never alone."

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