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Caroline: My #1 Success Secret: Innercise Every Day

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To get lasting change in your life, you have to manage your power, your focus and your behaviours. And it’s all an inner game. There is no quick fix, but there is great strategies that you can use. I do two things daily: I innercise by a brain training program, to wire my brain into the behavior I want to reach my goals. And I meditate by using spiritual meditations to connect to my inner strength and to the universal energy.

Hey, I know! It's super challenging trying to squeeze everything in during the day. But what I learned is that if I set aside 30 minutes to do my daily innercise and daily meditation - I do get more done, I'm more focused and I'm more energetic. So my #1 Success Secret is to make a routine every day to do some basic things. And do not ever skip them. You have to prioritize them like sleeping, brushing your teeth or something else you would never skip.

This is what I do every morning:

I use a super great program designed by my mentor John Assaraf, founder of Neurogym. You can get the program here.

I also use meditaions by the one and only Spirit Junkie Gabby Bernstein that you can sign up for here.

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