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Caroline: 5 Tips to shape your Presidential Mindset

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To be honest, there is many ways to shape your mindset. But I’ve found out that there are five ways that works for me. I will give them to you here. It’s more like five principles that I use as a guidance in my everyday life.

1. Live with a purpose

You have a purpose in this world and you are supposed to use all your strength and your skills to influence others, help others and contribute to change the world for the better. It’s your gift and your obligation.

2. Be the best version of yourself

Always be in a state where you can deliver at your best. Therefor presidents are always in mental, physical and spiritual top shape.

3. Everything is possible

Believe that everything is possible to achieve, change or do. Then you will never ever be stopped by obstacles or things that might hinder you. With an open mind, you will always find a way or a solution.

4. Never ever give up

A president is shaped to succeed and will never ever give up. She knows that there will always be better days. And she will never give up no matter what happens, she always gives it another try.

5. Zoom out

Always zoom out for the big picture to be able to put things in perspective. There is always layers of reasons and perspectives to a situation, challenge or idea. If you always think bigger, you will make wise decisions.

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